Love Today Planner Scrapbook

So if you doubted my love for our new planner kit, you won’t when you read the next sentence.  I bought two planner kits.  I know that’s a lot of planner, but I when I saw how adorable this planner was I decided to get one to use purely as a scrapbook.  For the next year, this planner will be my way of tracking the little moments in our family.

I bet you have literally hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures on your phone.  You take those pictures, because you want to document those little moments in your day with your loved ones.  But, do you ever print them?  And, if you have them printed do you ever write down the story?  I worry that we have an entire generation of children that may, at best, have a facebook wall or an instagram account to look back on from their childhood (and that is putting a lot of hope in technology).  

But, I also know that we are all busy, and the ideaof scrapbooking can be overwhelming.  You may think you need to spend a crazy amount of money and time to record your memories.  But, that is absolutely not true.

For the most part I am using five products to make my scrapbook: Love Today Planner kit, petal garden memories and more card pack, in color markers, snail, and the HP Sprocket printer.  And, if you wanted to you could use just the planner, your photos, and a pen!  

The sprocket is a hand sized printer that connects wirelessly to your phone, and prints 2×3 photos.  They are even sticky on the back so you can put them directly on the paper with no additional adhesive! It is so easy to use.  

The memory and more card packs are a great addition if you want something a little extra.  I like that I can fit one copy of each card and the stickers into the planner’s larger pocket.  That way all the supplies are portable. I used one of the cards as a photo layer on this page.

This whole page took maybe five minute to put together, and it sits right on my counter so I can easily print a picture and add it to the planner at any time.  No scrapbooking room needed.  And, someday my kids will be able to see the little moments and read the stories of their childhood.



Love Today Planner

I am absolutely head over heels in love with the new Stampin’ Up planner kit.  They put so much work into this kit, and you truly only need a pen and your kit to create something beautiful.  

Here is a quick picture of my monthly layout in progress.  It is super simple, because my June is very busy.  The three crowns are appointments for my daughter (my little princess), and the circle will be filled in with a different type of appointment.  All the stamps used are from the Tabs for Everything stamp set.  I used the Tranquil Teal Stampin write marker to write in my calander dates.  I like that it stands out, but is not as glaring as black may have been.  Finally, I used some washi tape to decorate the top of the calander page.

Here is weekly view this week:

Both pictures are the Thursday side of the week. One picture has the dashboard that comes with the planner and one without.  I used the remember and to do stamps from the tabs for everything stamp set.  

Did you notice the vertical columns?  I used washi tape to make the horizontal weekly view into a vertical view.  I will put appointments in the last column.  I find that the new in color markers go very well with the colors in this planner, and the fine tip end is great for writing in my planner.