Affectionately Planning

My Affectionately Yours washi is here, and it is every bit as wonderful as it appeared in the catalog.  I love how pretty and feminine it is without being the least bit dated.  I just had to use it in my planner.

When I heard the gospel reading for Sunday, I knew I had to use Jars of Love for my planning this week.  The gospel was about Mary and Martha, or otherwise known as the week women declare themselves slobs or neat freaks and throw support towards one of these two women. But, I think we do the story a disservice that way.  I really think it is about mixing service/hospitality with love as opposed to obligation and pride.  And, does anything say hospitality like a simple mason jar with flowers?  I also used the heart for things the kids need to be taken to.  It is a gentle reminder to do everything with love as opposed to just trudging along checking things off.


Here is a close up of the washi and enamel shapes (perfect for a non bulky 3D effect).


Close up of the jar:


Here are the supplies I used.


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