Pyramid Pals Zoo

We had my 7 year old’s and 1 year old’s birthday party yesterday.  My 1 year old was of course covered in cake, red velvet no less! The pyramid pals die and playful pals stamp set were the icing on my party planning cake.  Unlike my animal shaped birthday cake that fell apart and was replaced with a store bought one, my favor boxes were simple and worked every time.  One of my favorite things about the big shot is that it is grab and go, but everything it touches turns into crafting gold.


I had some retired animal print designer series paper that I made a lot of the animals with, but the lion was my favorite so I will give you instructions for that one.

  1. Cut out two pyramid bases out of daffodil delight paper.
  2. Cut three pieces with the fringe die cut out of early expresso to make the mane.
  3. Stamp the lions face onto the triangle flap you want facing forward.  I built the whole face on the clear block before stamping.
  4. Use tear tape to adhere all but one side of the box together.
  5. Adhere the mane to the box with snail or tear tape.
  6. Fill the box with your favorite candy (I used two Hersey kisses and a mini Reeses), and close the box by adhering the last flap with tear tape.

I told you it was simple!  If there is one tool a mom can get to make her party planning life easier it is the big shot!  They produce great results every time with no headaches involved.


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